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The Jindal SAW JSAW-Lock is a semi-flexible jointing system that provides restraint against axial movements with locking segments placed around the pipe spigot. The pipe socket and weld bead restrain the lock, while a wrapping belt tightens it. JSAW-Lock is used for ductile iron cement-lined pipes manufactured to ISO 2531.

Quick and easy to assemble, JSAW-Lock is suited to trenchless laying, steep slopes, seismic zones, fault crossings, and floating pipelines. It also provides a robust pipe system for high-pressure applications, mine dewatering, bridge pipelines, and water applications without thrust blocks.

Self-restraining design helps transfer thrust forces along the entire system, which removes the need for thrust block. This system can sustain high pressures up to 100 bar and withstand pressure surges.

Technical specifications


Jindal SAW Australia/NZ


ISO 2531

Size range

DN100–1800 (4–72”)

Effective length


Pressure range

25–100 bar

Conforming specifications

ISO 2531:2009 (Ductile iron pipes, fittings, accessories, and their joints for water applications)
ISO 10804:2018 (Restrained joint systems for ductile iron pipelines)

Material specifications

Internal lining

General purpose (GP) Portland cement
Sulphate resistant cement (SRC)
Calcium aluminate cement

External coating

Zinc-Aluminium (mean mass 400g/m2) with blue or red epoxy (min 80µm DFT) or bitumen finishing layer
Zinc (mean mass 200g/m2) with blue or red epoxy (min 80µm DFT) or bitumen finishing layer

Joint area coating

Blue or red epoxy

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