Beaver Process Equipment provides intelligent process equipment solutions to the Power industry.

We can support our clients’ requirements across all applicable power generation technologies including steam boiler, open cycle gas turbine, combined cycle gas turbine, hydroelectric water turbine, geothermal and other new emerging technologies such as molten-salt solar array. 

Our premium brands are ideally suited for the high-reliability long-life performance required in power generation plants. Our valve range covers all requirements from standard water or diesel service at ASME Class 150, through fuel gas service typically at ASME Class 600, to critical superheated steam service up to ASME Class 4500 in chrome-moly materials.

Our large-bore expansion joint range used in cooling tower applications is custom manufactured to order at our Brisbane facility.

We also provide a range of services for the power industry including valve automation, valve refurbishment and testing, relining of piping and vessels, on-site equipment audit, technical consulting and troubleshooting.
Power generation facility types that we cover include:
  • Conventional steam (coal fired)
  • Open cycle gas turbine (OCGT)
  • Combined cycle gas turbine (CCGT)
  • Diesel
  • Waste to energy
  • Hydroelectric
  • Geothermal
  • Co-generation (typically steam)