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Ductile Iron Polyurethane Lined Pipelines

Jindal SAW

Description: Ductile Iron Polyurethane Lined (DIPU) pipeline has been specifically designed to withstand aggressive conditions, very soft water and mineral water applications where cement mortar lining is not suitable.
Size Range: DN300 - DN2000
Nominal Pressure: PN30
Effective Length: 5.5m as standard (custom lengths between 5-5.85m available on request)
Approvals: ISO 2531,BS EN 545, ISO 7186, BS EN 598, IS 8329
Internal Lining: Polyurethane as per EN15655
External Coating Options: Zn-Al primer with blue/red liquid epoxy, Zn primer with blue/red liquid epoxy, Zn primer with polyurethane, Zn primer with bitumen coating

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