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Their HDPE tailings lines kept blowing out at the elbows and weld joints. So, they were looking for options that would provide many years of wear-life without maintenance.

They were considering a design that used ceramic-lined pipe in 1.5m lengths, but this would mean installing 80 spools over 70m. We recommended a design using longer lengths of slurry piping.

When they heard that we can manufacture Abrasiguard polymer-lined pipe in lengths up to 18m, they realised they could reduce their inventory from 80 to 18 spools, while also saving on flanges, installation costs, and labour.

The new spools were custom made in our Brisbane facility and are now on their way to Egypt. With 20mm high-performance polymer liner, they will easily handle traces of cyanide, copper sulfate, and other diluted chemicals in the gold slurry, and won’t need to be replaced for many years to come.

We also manufactured Slurryflex mining hose bends to allow for ease of installation.

We’re proud to help the Sukari team create long-term value by improving the piping system in their plant.

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