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Victaulic’s Aquamine PVC System offers a comprehensive line of reusable PVC products that exhibit high-impact resistance, making them well-suited for tough applications where standard PVC pipes won’t last.

These pipes, couplings, fittings, and valves are connected by a spline inserted into a groove. A special PVC formula includes impact modifiers, heat stabilizers and ultraviolet inhibitors for high impact strength over a long period of time.

Aquamine PVC pipes have enough flexibility to follow the terrain or curvature of underground bore. They also have a smooth inner pipe wall that allows for low pressure loss due to friction. The couplings have pre-lubricated O-ring seals which provide a watertight hydraulic seal.

The Aquamine range can be used and redeployed in various water services including water supply, water bypass, and dewatering lines.

Technical specifications




Aquamine PVC pipe and couplings
Aquamine PVC fittings
Aquamine PVC valves

Size range

DN50–300 (2–12”)

Pressure range

Up to 24 bar

End connections

Aqual link-female
Aqual link-male
Solvent cement-female
Plain end-male
Victaulic standard groove
National pipe taper thread-female
National pipe taper thread-male

Material specifications

Pipes, couplings, and fittings



Ductile iron (housing)
PVC (body)
Ductile iron with nitrile rubber (disc)
Polyisoprene (O-ring)
Nylon (spline)

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