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Victaulic Couplings use grooved pipe joining technology to connect pipes of various materials quickly and safely. A groove is formed or machined on the pipe end with a grooving tool and the housing is assembled around the grooved pipe ends. A gasket around the pipe creates a leak-tight seal while fasteners tighten the coupling.

Pipe grooves are created either through cut grooving, done by removing material from the outside diameter of the pipe, or roll grooving, a newer method which involves pressing a groove into the pipe wall.

Grooved couplings are either flexible, to enable controlled linear and angular movement, or rigid, to prevent movement like a flanged or welded joint.

Victaulic’s grooved pipe joining technology creates secure and reliable joint unions. It isolates vibration at each joint to reduce overall noise and vibration. The couplings are also quick to assemble and disassemble to save time on pipeline installation and maintenance.

Technical specifications




Victaulic couplings to suit Original Groove System (OGS)
Victaulic couplings to suit Advanced Groove System (AGS)
Victaulic couplings to suit Endseal Groove
Victaulic couplings to suit Vic-Ring System
Victaulic couplings to suit Double Groove System
Victaulic stainless couplings
Victaulic carbon steel couplings
Victaulic shouldered couplings
Victaulic bolted split-sleeve couplings for plain-end pipe
Victaulic couplings to suit HDPE pipe
Victaulic couplings to suit CPVC/PVC pipe
Victaulic couplings to suit aluminium pipe
Victaulic couplings to suit FRP/GRP Pipe
Victaulic Extended Life (XL) couplings for abrasive service

Size range

DN20–1950 (¾– 78”)

Pressure range

Up to 172 bar

Material specifications


Ductile iron
Carbon steel
316 stainless steel


Orange enamel
Hot dipped galvanised
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