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Victaulic Grooving Tools are a range of machines and tools used to create grooved pipes compatible with the proprietary Victaulic grooved piping system. These tools offer accurate and immediate feedback to rework and boost operator confidence through error proofing.

The roll grooving method rotates the pipe while an upper grooving roll presses into the pipe wall to create a cold-formed groove. This method doesn’t shave any metal off the pipe.

Cut grooving uses a cutter bit to remove material from the outside of the pipe to the specified depth of the groove.

Victaulic’s range of manual and automated tools and machines can be used in-place, in the field, or in the workshop, providing flexibility and simplifying retrofits. They’re compatible with a variety of materials, including carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminium, PVC, and copper.

Other tools and machines for intelligent grooving, hole cutting, pressing, as well as other accessories, are also available. Contact us for more information.

Technical specifications




Victaulic field portable roll grooving tools
Victaulic field fabrication roll grooving tools
Victaulic plant/shop fabrication roll grooving tools
Victaulic field fabrication cut grooving tools
Victaulic cut grooving tools for plastic pipe
Victaulic Aquamine grooving tool
Victaulic Vic-Press tool
Victaulic tool accessories
Victaulic bolted split-sleeve coupling closure tool
Victaulic fabrication cells

Size range

DN15–1950 (½–78”)

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