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The Beaver API 594 cast wafer/lugged dual plate check valve uses two spring-loaded plates on a central hinge pin. The flow pressure moves the two half-discs off the seats to allow forward flow. When flow decreases, the discs close on to the seat and block reverse flow.

The spring-loaded disc design eliminates slamming or hammering caused by fluid backflow. This reduces wear on pipelines and pumps. It’s also a more compact and lightweight design compared to a swing check valve.

Available in wafer or lugged design, this Beaver dual plate check valve complies with API 594 standards.

Technical specifications




C51 (Class 150 Wafer)
C52 (Class 150 Lugged)
C53 (Class 300 Wafer)
C54 (Class 300 Lugged)
C55 (Class 600 Wafer)
C56 (Class 600 Lugged)

Size range

DN50–600 (2–24”)

Pressure class

Class 150/300/600

End connections

Wafer and lugged

Temperature range

-29°C to 425°C

Design and manufacture


Flange dimension

ASME B16.5

Testing and checking


Material specifications

Body, disc

WCB, CF8, CF8M, Cast iron


13Cr, SS304, SS316


13Cr, F304, F316

Spring, spacer, plug screw

SS304, SS316



Flying ring

WCB, SS304

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