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About you. Ready to challenge yourself?

We seek out the driven, the curious, the resourceful. Team players with loads of initiative. Hard workers who work smarter. Professionals who get a kick out of expanding and sharing their knowledge.

So, if you want more—more than a job, more autonomy, a more ambitious team—you’ll find all the scope and support you need right here.

Our culture. Ingenuity. Tenacity. Teamwork.

We believe in the power of innovation and hard work. We believe in open communication in the pursuit of continuous improvement. And we believe in integrity and respect in everything we do.

This is what defines and sets our culture apart. And this is how we’re building a great Australian company.

Our Values

If our values look different, it's because they are. They're not hollow words of platitudes. We live them. They define us and how we work together. That means, if you share them, there's nowhere better to make your mark.

Straight Talk. No B.S.

We embrace straight talk, no B.S, with everything in the open. We are not afraid to be honest with ourselves and our team. Communicate, communicate, communicate.

Can Do Attitude.

We have a “can do” attitude. We take pride in putting up our hand and taking responsibility. We’re not afraid to “ask for forgiveness, not for permission”. We believe we can inspire others by our own attitude and actions.

100% Responsibility, 0% Excuses.

We step up and take 100% responsibility with 0% excuses. We value initiative and taking ownership. We never say “that’s not my job”. We always deliver on what we promise.

Always Hungry.

We are always hungry and never satisfied. We are ambitious and embrace hard work. We strive to climb the next mountain, conquer the next challenge. We don’t need someone to push us, we are driven because that’s just who we are.

Be humble. Team first.

We are humble. We are never too big to do the small things that need to be done. We value character and teamwork. We are more powerful as a team and can achieve greater things than the sum of our individual efforts. We trust each other and work for each other. We win as a team.

Relentless Improvement.

We believe in innovation and continuous improvement are key to our long-term success. We don’t accept the status quo just because “that’s the way it’s always been done”. We take initiative and solve problems with ingenuity (not $$). We are not afraid to try new ideas (even if we might fail). Be your own “MacGyver”.

Always Learning.

We are always learning. We believe that knowledge is powerful. We are curious and take the initiative to learn new things and improve ourselves. The best solution matters to us, we pride ourselves on understanding what we do and how it works. We aspire to be an expert in our field.

Integrity And Respect.

We believe integrity and respect are not negotiable. We will never compromise our integrity. We always treat people with respect and dignity. We believe everyone has something to contribute, there are no stupid questions or ideas. We set a higher standard (and we are proud of this).

Join us.

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