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The World's Toughest Mining Hose.

How it's made—watch the video

More uptime, less maintenance

Flexible, easier to install

Custom made, fits perfectly

Proven on the world’s toughest mine sites

Slurryflex lasts longer, so you can stop bandaging leaking pipes and focus on other areas of the plant.

Why does it last longer? Because each hose is made to our proprietary designs by our skilled manufacturing team using our high-performance rubber compounds.

You can be sure that every hose you get will be as reliable as the last one. That’s because more than 15 quality checks go into every Slurryflex mining hose. You get a consistently high-quality mining hose backed up by ISO:9001 certification and 100% Australian manufacturing.

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Flexible mining hose gives you greater design tolerance and is easy to install

No more shutdown headaches. Flexible hose gives you some wriggle room during installation—you’ll avoid expensive install dramas when things don’t fit.

Need even more flexibility? Try our Slurryflex SF-Series. It’s the most flexible mining hose in the world.

Every Slurryflex hose is custom made to suit your plant and slurry conditions

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Your customisation options

  • Length

  • Diameter

  • Pressure

  • Temperature

  • Slurry Compatibility

  • Custom Geometry

  • End Connections

  • Wear Monitor System



We’ll help you find smarter reliability fixes based on years of real world experience.

Proven on the world’s toughest mine sites

Large scale manufacturing.

  • Hose diameters up to DN1600
  • Hose lengths up to 20M
  • 500+ mandrels
  • 3 x 20-metre-long autoclaves
  • Manufacturing capacity 1km hose/week

Australia's biggest hose factory.

  • Capacity to supply the biggest projects
  • 4km of high pressure hose Rio Tinto RVS Project
  • 2.2km of hose First Quantum Ravensthorpe
  • 120 custom pre-formed CLX bends
    Roy Hill
  • 702 hoses FMG Iron Bridge Project

Ceramic lined mining hose for extreme wear performance

Slurryflex CLX

Our team developed Slurryflex CLX more than 10 years ago for the most severe slurry conditions. Since then we have installed more than 3000 CLX hoses.

The combination of super-hard ceramic tiles for sliding abrasion, and energy-rebounding rubber for impact absorption makes all the difference. You get extreme wear performance in tough slurry conditions.

Our proprietary manufacturing process intrinsically bonds the tiles to the hose. Ensuring no ceramic tile loss. Ever.

Wear monitoring for predictive maintenance

You need accuracy, reliability, and certainty in your plant.  With a Slurryflex Predictive Wear Monitor built into your mining hose, you’ll know exactly how much liner is left. This lets you plan ahead for a replacement. No more unplanned stoppages and smooth, stress-free shutdowns.

It’s available in any of our Slurryflex mining hose models with simple push-button or multimeter options to choose from.

Watch the video

Explore the full Slurryflex range

You’ll enjoy more uptime & less maintenance with our premium, Australian made mining hose.

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Talk to a Slurryflex hose specialist

Tired of bandaging spools in your plant? Our specialists will help you unlock easy maintenance wins with Slurryflex.