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How we can help you with your next slurry pipeline

A section of mining hose in an iron ore tailings pipeline

Design with certainty

We get how complex it is to design a slurry pipeline. You can reduce risk and uncertainty by dealing with a supplier who knows what it takes to deliver large pipeline projects.

Tap into our experience in long distance slurry transport with slurry pipelines, tailings lines, paste backfill, and concentrate pipelines. We're here to help you make good decisions and design with confidence.

Holding a polyurethane lined pipe sample

Unbeatable wear performance

Our Abrasiguard polyurethane lined slurry pipelines are the result of years of research and development. We've created a liner that resists corrosion and has world-leading wear performance.

Slurryflex mining hose offers premium flexibility and durability. It's ideal for sections of the pipeline that have changes in elevation or direction. We'll also help you select the right slurry valves for the complete package.

Testing rubber, steel and PU linings for slurry wear testing

Get real slurry wear data you can rely on

You don't have to design in the dark. We can take your slurry and pipe material options and run them through our coriolis tester.

This gives you accurate, empirical data on comparative wear rates. No more guesswork and estimates, just smarter, better informed decisions. So your design works perfectly, as it should.

Talk to a slurry pipeline expert

Tap into our experience manufacturing and delivering large pipelines. We're here to make your job easier so you can design with confidence.

A slurry treatment tailings line for sand with victualic fittings

Any size. Any scale.

Whether your pipeline is just 1 km long or you need more than 200 km of piping, we can supply projects of any size. With the largest lined piping facility in Australia, we can manufacture at the volume needed for the largest projects.

We manufacture pipes with Abrasiguard lining from DN80 to DN1350, up to 18 metres long.

We're here to help

Got questions? Need advice? Tap into our experience and get specialist advice from our friendly team.

Slurry piping audits

Solve slurry piping maintenance problems for good. No more leaking pipes, no more unplanned shutdowns.