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The Slurryflex SC-Series Specialty Pre-Formed Bend Mining Hose is custom manufactured to your specified angle and bend radius. It can be used to achieve a tighter bend radius than a straight length of SA-Series Hard-Wall Mining Hose.

The SC-Series mining hose consists of three layers. An inner layer of hard rubber that’s resistant to abrasion or chemicals. A middle layer containing wire reinforcement, which stops the hose from being sucked flat in vacuum applications, and synthetic fabric, to contain internal pressure. Lastly, an outer cover layer that protects the hose from the elements.

Flexible rubber construction minimises misalignment and vibration while allowing for rotation and movement. Made from Slurryflex Grade A rubber for long lasting wear resistance, every Slurryflex hose is custom made in Australia. Talk to us about your requirements and we’ll design and build a hose according to your specifications.

The world's toughest mining hose. Learn how we make it here »

Technical specifications





Hose size

DN50–1500 (2–60”) as standard

Hose length

To suit requirements

Bend angle

12°, 22.5°, 30°, 45°, 60°, 90°, custom

Bend radius

1D, 1.5D, 3D, 5D, custom

Tangent length

See table below

Pressure rating

-100kPa to +5000kPa (-14.5psi to +725psi)
Higher on request

Temperature rating

-30°C to +75°C for Slurryflex Grade A rubber

End connections

Plain end
Flanged (fixed or swivel)
Flanged full spigot (fixed or swivel)
Double flanged
Grooved (roll or cut)
Butt weld

Flange types

AS2129, ASME B16.5, ASME B16.47, AWWA C207, AS4087, BS EN 1092, BS3293, JIS B2220, SANS 1123, DIN ISO 7005, custom

Groove types

AWWA C606 OGS, Victaulic AGS, custom

Thread types

BSP, NPT, API, premium, custom

Safety factor

4:1 as standard

Extra options

Custom nozzles, branches, or connections
Wear monitoring system (plug-only or push-button)

Material specifications

Inner liner

Slurryflex Grade A rubber (for high-wear slurry)
Slurryflex ASR rubber (for acidic slurry)
Slurryflex HSR rubber (for hydrocarbon-containing slurry)
Slurryflex TSR rubber (for high-temperature slurry)
Slurryflex custom formulation


Synthetic fabric and wire helix

Outer cover

UV, ozone, and abrasion-resistant rubber

End connections

Carbon steel (painted, galvanised, custom)
Stainless steel (SS304, SS316)
Exotic alloy

How we help you choose the right hose:

Tell us what you need.

Tell us about your application. What do you want to achieve? What problems do you need to overcome? Let's work back from there.

Choose the right solution.

Weigh up the options. We'll do the analysis, discuss the options with you, and recommend the right hose—the choice we'd make in your shoes.

Get the job done.

You get your hose delivered to site, on time, and to spec. We've got your back all the way, including installation and commissioning.

We're here to help

Got questions? Need advice? Tap into our experience and get specialist advice from our friendly team.

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