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Complete Well Riser System

Well Riser Hose


Description: The Steinnberger System incorporates ‘through-the-weave’ thermoplastic polyurethane with exotic alloy end connections for a complete, ultra-durable water extraction solution.
Brand: Steinnberger
Hose Diameter: DN50-150 (2-6”)
Hose Length: Up to 1000m coil (depending on diameter)
Max. Well Depth: 50m standard (consult factory for special requirements)
Coupling Connection: Threaded BSP-M (consult factory for special requirements)
Pressure Rating: 25 bar / 2500 kPa as standard (consult factory for special requirements)
Temperature Rating: -40°C to +50°C
pH Range: 4 to 9 (< 30°C), 5 to 9 (30°C - 50°C)
Max. Diameter Swell: +15% (maximum permitted under working conditions)
Max. Length Ext.: +2% (maximum permitted under working conditions)
Jacket Material: Circular woven 100% high-tenacity polyester yarn
Cover/Liner Material: Thermoplastic polyurethane (consult factory for special requirements)
Coupling Materials: Stainless Steel 316L + Proprietary Surface Treatment (standard), Duplex 2205, Super Duplex 2507, Hastelloy C276, Inconel 625, Monel 400, Titanium Gr12
Applications: Potable and mineral groundwater extraction for mine dewatering, boreholes, and industrial applications.

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