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The Velan Y-Pattern Forged Bonnetless Globe Valve is designed for high temperature and pressure applications. These include high pressure drop, steam blow down, steam injection, and fast acting isolation.

The valve’s seat and stem are at a 65° incline for low flow resistance, which reduces pressure drop issues that can happen with vertical S-type globe valves. This design also reduces the accumulation of deposits and corrosion.

Its forged carbon steel one-piece body provides streamlined flow and easy disassembly for service. The non-spinning disc and seat are made from cobalt chrome alloy for tight shut-off and long valve life. The non-rotating stem reduces torque requirements and the potential for fugitive leaks.

Technical specifications





Size range

DN8–100 (¼–4”)

Pressure class

Class 1690/2680/4500

End connections

Socket weld
Butt weld

Technical specifications


A 182 Gr. F22
A 182 Gr F91
A 182 Gr. 316
A182 F316L
A182 F316H

Seat (integral), disc, backseat

CoCr alloy


Gr. 410 (stainless)
Gr. 316/316L (stainless)
Stainless steel 616 HT

Stem nut

A 439 Austenitic ductile iron Gr. D-2C

Splined bushing

Gr. 630 (stainless)

Packing washer and nameplate

Gr. 304 (stainless)



Split gland bushing

Gr. CA15 (stainless)

Packing flange

A 182 Gr. F304

Gland stud

Gr. B7
Gr. B6
Gr. B8M2

Gland nut

Gr. 2H
Gr. 8M

Yoke bushing

Gr. 1020 steel

Thrust bearing, stem protector, and snap ring



Nitrile rubber


Malleable iron (painted)

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