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The Abrasiguard AF-Series Polyurethane-Lined Pipe is lined with the high-performance Abrasiguard AX-100, a polymer designed for very high slurry velocities, turbulent and non-turbulent slurry regimes, and small and large particle slurry.

The polymer lining absorbs particle impact and allows it to rebound without causing permanent plastic deformation. It also offers low temperature resistance and very high hydrolysis resistance.

Use this tee piece to combine or redirect flow. It comes in two types: an equal or straight tee with outlets of the same diameter and a reducing tee which has a branch port smaller than the diameter of the two ends.

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Technical specifications





Pipe size

DN50–1350 (2–54”) as standard
Non-standard sizes available (where required to optimise hydraulic performance)

Pipe length

0.1m (4”) to 18m (60’) as standard

Design codes

Standard: ASME B31.3, ASME B31.4, AS4041
Contact us for other requirements

Pipe types


Pipe specifications

Standard: API 5L, ASTM A53/A106, API 5CT, ASME B16.9
Contact us for other requirements

Pressure rating

As per design code

Temperature rating

Based on internal lining system selected

End connections

Plain end
Flanged (fixed or swivel)
Grooved (roll or cut)
Fully welded

Flange types

AS2129, ASME B16.5, ASME B16.47, AWWA C207, AS4087, BS EN 1092, BS3293, JIS B2220, SANS 1123, DIN ISO 7005, custom

Groove types

AWWA C606 OGS, Victaulic AGS, custom or special

Thread types

BSP, NPT, API, premium, custom

Extra options

Custom nozzles, branches, or connections
Wear monitoring system (plug-only or push-button)

Material specifications

Pipe material

Carbon steel (all grades)
Stainless steel (SS304, SS316)
Exotic alloy

External coating

Zinc or zinc-aluminium primer
Epoxy based (single or multi-layer)
Polyurethane based (single or multi-layer)
Custom system

Internal lining specifications

AX-100 high-performance polyurethane

High-performance polyurethane liner system
Suitable for turbulent and non-turbulent slurry regimes
Suitable for small and large particle slurry types
Suitable for slurry velocities to 10m/s as standard
Suitable for straights (low 0–10° imp. angle wear)
Suitable for bends/fittings (medium 10–45° impingement angle wear)
Strong adhesion to substrate (chemically bonded)
Suitable for long-term immersion (hydrolysis-resistant)
Compatible with most carrier fluids and reagents (consult factory for chemical compatibility with specific media)
Very low wet friction coefficient (very low surface roughness)
Resistant to dissolved oxygen (nil corrosion allowance required)
Temperature range (wet): +20 to +40°C (transient to +60°C)
Temperature range (dry): 0 to +60°C (transient to +80°C)

AX-100XT high-performance polyurethane (XT upgrade)

Same as AX-100, with additional upgrades
Upgrade: Enhanced temperature range
Upgrade: Enhanced adhesion (corrosive and/or high temperature)
Upgrade: Enhanced resistance to “cold wall” effect
Upgrade: Enhanced resistance to long-term immersion
Temperature range (wet): 0 to +65°C (transient to +85°C)
Temperature range (dry): -60 to +80°C (transient to +120°C)

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2. Choose the right solution

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3. Get the job done

Get the right lined piping for the job, on time and to spec. We’ve got your back all the way, including installation and commissioning support.

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