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The Beaver Cast Steel Bolted Bonnet Swing Check Valve is a heavy-duty, non-return valve designed to API 600 standards for petroleum and natural gas applications.

These valves, available in C31, C32 and C33 models, provide a tight seal in both horizontal and vertical positions. They are also fully ported and spherical for minimal resistance, flow turbulence, and stress on the valve.

The valve’s hinge arm pivots on the hinge pin which is attached near the disc’s center of gravity. The hinge arm also has a built-in disc stop to provide a positive stop in the open position. The disc surface is mated to the seat ring to ensure a tight seal. The seat ring can be forged and rolled in one piece and seal welded.

Technical specifications




C31 (Class 150)
C32 (Class 300)
C33 (Class 600)

Size range

Class 150: DN40–900 (1½–36”)
Class 300: DN50–900 (2–36”)
Class 600: DN50–600 (1½–24”)

Pressure class

Class 150/300/600

Flange dimension

Face to face: ASME B16.10
End flange: ASME B16.5
Buttweld: ASME B16.25

Material specifications

Body, cover, hinge

A216 WCB, A352 LCC, A217 WC6, A217 WC9, A217 C5, A217 C12, A351 CF8M


A216 WCB + 13CR, A352 LCC + 316 SS, A217 WC6 + 13CR, A217 WC9 + 13CR, A217 C5 + 13 CR, A217 C12 + 13 CR, A315 CF8M

Seat ring

A105, LF2, A182 F11, A182 F22, A182 F5, A182 F9, A182 F316 all with Stellite

Hinge pin, split pin

A276 410, A276 316

Disc washer

Carbon steel

Disc nut, cover bolt

A193 B7, A320 L7, A193 B16, A193 B8

Cover nut

A194 2H, A194 4, A194 8

Eye bolt



Spiral wound 316 SS + graphite (Class 150 and 300)
Soft ring joint (Class 600)


Stainless steel

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