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The Beaver Quarter-Turn Pneumatic Actuator has a rack and pinion mechanism which transforms linear pressure applied on the rack into a rotational turn of the pinion.

The T01 model is a double-acting actuator which operates in both directions, having two ports for air and two pistons. It provides constant torque output and has a fail-last safety function.

The T02 model is a spring-return actuator with one port through which pneumatic force is supplied and a spring mechanism that provides the opposing force. It’s used for fail-open or fail-closed functions.

This compact actuator provides a wide range of rotational outputs for quarter-turn valves. It’s suited for use with dry or lubricated air, with maximum particle size not exceeding 30 microns.

Technical specifications




T01 (Double acting)
T02 (Spring return)

Output torque

9–3920Nm at 6 bar air supply

Pressure rating

2–8 bar (Double acting)
3–8 bar (Spring return)

ISO 5211 interface sizes



ISO 5211 (Valve interface)
VDI/VDE-3845, NAMUR standard (Interface for solenoid valve, shaft top end, and top drilling for assembling accessories)

Material specifications

Actuator body

Hard-anodised aluminium alloy
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O-ring material and temperature range

NBR (-20°C to +80°C)
HNBR (-40°C to +80°C)
Viton (-15°C to +150°C)


Hardened steel alloy


Hard-anodised die-cast aluminium

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