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The existing pump tailings spools were ceramic-lined steel, but were only lasting 3 months. They’d felt confident choosing ceramic-lined steel for this application because it’s known for being durable with abrasive slurry.

What was the problem? It wasn’t the ceramic lining, rather, the issue was having a rigid steel spool around a turbulent vibrating slurry pump.

Vibration from the pump would quickly cause the spool to misalign, leak, and fail long before it should. This was both time consuming and costly.

We recommended ceramic-lined mining hose reducers to solve the issue. The mining hose absorbs vibration, while the ceramic tile lining is durable enough to cope with abrasive particles.

We custom manufactured Slurryflex CLX ceramic-lined mining hose reducers to fit each slurry pump. The new hoses were installed in March 2021 and are still running today.

That’s more than 6x the wear life over the rigid ceramic-lined spools.

Now they ‘set and forget’ their slurry pump piping—a big win for their maintenance team.